Today, I?m sharing three things you can do right now on LinkedIn to grow your business. More than 30 million companies are represented on LinkedIn, making it a powerful marketing and sales tool when used correctly.

1?? Make sure your profile is complete with bio and background info and both a profile photo and header image. Profiles with a photo receive up to 21X more profile views than those without!! (PS – see my other video about Canva to make great social media graphics easily!)

2?? Curate your network! Many are connected to friends and family on LinkedIn, but this is a BUSINESS networking tool, not Facebook. Search for companies or people you?re inspired by and who might be interested in your business, and ask them to connect. Be intentional when you reach out to a stranger, tailoring your message to their interests so you don?t come across as a spammer.

3?? Start creating content. LinkedIn has a lot of tools you can use to spread the word about your business.

* You should join groups that are related to your industry and those you serve and share information about you and your business along with insights and information
* Use LinkedIn?s article publisher to write longer pieces about what you do, share insights and showcase your expertise
* Create daily posts about your business and ask people questions to open up a dialog! Once you?ve taken these steps, you can consider expanding and making a formal company page, but starting with these three things will set you and your business up for increased exposure on LinkedIn. ??

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