I shared some essential tips for email marketing with a marketing blog recently – below are highlights of my advice. Head over to Mailigen to read all the tips!

While social media and text marketing seem to be gaining momentum over email, email marketing is still an effective method (based on ROI) to communicate to loyal fans and incite repeat purchases.

Use advanced segmenting and automation

The primary thing to remember is that email marketing platforms allow you to segment and automate. With these functions, you can truly customize your emails for better user experience.

Rather than blasting the same message or offer to all your subscribers, tailor the messages by segmenting your lists based on buying behavior, last purchases or actions. The more you can micro-target your emails, the greater conversions you’ll see.

Keep it Short & Engaging

The Twitter and Instagram era have conditioned consumers to respond best to short-form and visual content. Email should be no different! Keep your messages concise, on-brand with a tone that resonates with your audience and is visually stimulating.

Finally, keep in mind that on social media there is no need to share your email address to follow a brand. When a consumer subscribes to your emails, they are giving you more access to them. Use it wisely to avoid the dreaded unsubscribe.