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Lolita is incredible! Not just in her professionalism and demeanor, but in her clear understanding of business processing and passion to help. Once Lolita is on a project, you will know that project will get done right! She is trustworthy, skillful, fast and responsive. It was my great pleasure working with her.

Leah Packett, CompuWerx

Lolita excelled at delivering great results on a limited startup budget. She was able to help us increase customer satisfaction and new customer acquisition within budgets and on schedule.

Mike Corbera, RevoPay

Lolita is a serial entrepreneur, and a pioneer in the online space. Any time spent with her is BEYOND valuable, and her business acumen is only eclipsed by how genuine and generous she is.

Carley Knobloch, Digital Lifestyle Expert

Lolita was way ahead of everyone else, and I suspect she still is, when it comes to building a community online.

Kevin Burke, Lucid Marketing

I co-hosted and moderated a panel featuring four hugely successful entrepreneurial women, and Lolita held her own and more. She was informative, specific, charismatic and relatable to an audience full of both business owners and moms in business for themselves. She was a crowd favorite!

Amy Swift, Smarty

I worked with Lolita for several years and found her to be a smart and attentive, all-around excellent facilitator and problem solver. Lolita’s good business sense is only topped by her likeable personality and cool head under pressure.

Greg Wilson, VisualNet Media
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Meet Lolita.

Hi! I’m Lolita Carrico and I’ve been helping individuals, entrepreneurs and established brands develop growth strategies for over 20 years. I have a passion for helping brands maximize profitability while maintaining their vision and purpose.

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Long before the word “mompreneur” entered our lexicon, I was already blazing trails as a true media pioneer as founder of Modern Mom Inc., one of the first major online presences for mothers. With the success of both ModernMom.com and the GLOSS Network, I established myself as one of the industry’s top marketers and influencers early on.

In addition to launching the successful media properties, I’ve been a marketing and PR advisor to leading technology and online companies for over 20 years. I’ve helped companies of all sizes maximize profitability by clearly identifying  and executing on their Growth Purpose™.


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